You can book a buyback appointment below, or at this link.


Items must be clean!

  • Items must appear on brand list
  • Items must be in new—or good to great—condition
  • Estimates are offered in-store only
  • Buybacks only occur on specified buying days
  • Valid physical Government ID required for selling – no apps or photos, no exceptions. 
  • Items with tears, rips, broken zippers, buckles, etc., will not be accepted
  • All buybacks and sales at The Switchback are FINAL

Footwear: Clean, lightly used to like new, complete with all laces and footbeds. 

Backpacks: Must be clean, complete and functional. No rips, no tears, all buckles and draw strings must be functional and intact. No external frame. 

Tents: Must be clean, complete and functional, no rips, to tears, all zippers must be functional. No fiberglass poles. Refer to brand list to see accepted manufacturers. Seller is responsible to pitch tent prior to appraisal. 

Sleeping Pads: Must be clean, no patches. Seller is responsible to inflate in-store prior to appraisal.

Sleeping bags: Must be clean with no major tears, holes or rips or other defects. Zipper must be functional.

Apparel: We accept technical and lifestyle apparel from all major outdoor brands. Must be clean with no major tears, holes or rips or other defects. Zippers, buttons, and snaps must be functional .

Skiing Gear: Must be shaped ski over 70 mm waist.  No straight skis. Skis must be free of any major damage. No swiss cheese skis. Bindings must be current and indemnified, if in doubt, Grip Walk or newer. Boots must be clean and complete, heels, toes, liners, insoles. No rear entry.

Snowboarding Gear: Must be free of any major damage. Boots must be clean and complete with liners, laces, insoles.

Climbing Gear: We’ll buy crashpads, shoes, chalk bags, ice axes, haul bags. We won’t buy carabiners, ropes, harnesses, or anything safety rated.